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Roofing Services


Not many roofing companies are happy to offer guaranteed repairs which means for proprietors that means throwing money down a black hole. That is not how we operate at DeWolf Construction. When we fix a specific area of a roof, that area is guaranteed on the quality of its workmanship. Roofing is very much the heart line of this company as it has been handed down from genration to generation so a full spectrum of knowledge from the old traditional roofing methods to accreditation and supplier backed gurantees on all the latest roofing technologies is avialble to our clients.


We have great experience in lead roofing. Lead roofing is longstanding and tough. It withstands harsh weather and will not erode as quickly as other roofings. If you are looking for a hard wearing structure, lead roofing is the best choice. It is installed easily and fits any shape roof. Lead roofs require low maintenance due to its durable form. Our roofers can fit your new roof, hassle free and to a great finish.


We can clean, repair and replace guttering. This includes the removal of any debris, replacement of any faulty parts and enusring the correct funcitonality of your gutters.

If the guttering not repairable, we can replace it to any material and colour. All guttering comes with a 5 year guarantee as standard.

If blocked/faulty gutters are not maintained it can encourage mould growth and damp and cause expensive damage to your property. We would always advise you on this before we carry out any works.


Fascias and soffits are vital in protecting your property from water damage, damp and mould growth. Rotten fascias can lead to your guttering disfiguring and allowing water to run into the wrong places causing expensive damage. There are many benefits to UPVC, they last a lifetime and never have to be repinted unlike timber facia boards.


We provide competitive rates for supplying and fixing cost-effective roof coverings. The concrete interlocking roof tile is the most popular used roofing material in London. Concrete tiles are consistent in quality and easy to lay, There are many patterns, colours and styles to blend of concrete tiles. In most cases we can find concrete tiles to suit your needs.

Natural Slate roofs really are a thing of beauty. Not only are there many houses in London that still have their slate roofs existing after 100 years of construction.

This blend of quality and appearance makes Natural Slate roofing more popular for heritage and prestigious projects including Buckingham Palace to Number 10 Downing Street. There are many variations of slate which we can supply and fit to your taste.


3 Layer Torch On Felt - This is currently the most common application in existing flat roofs. The first layer is a 3G perforated payer. Felt which is loosed lay onto the primed deck. Melt the bitumen by heating on the underside of the membrane from a gas torch. Second layer is a sanded underlay which is torch on and bonded to the 1st layer. The third (top) layer is a fire rated polyester based mineral cap sheet which is available in various colours. It is the most inexpensive way of renewing your flat roof however it doesn't carry the lengthy guarantees in life expectancies of its two main competitors.


Four Great EPDM Rubber membranes, Easy to Install, Long lasting, Fit it and Forget it epdm flat roofing systems to suit every type of flat and shallow pitched roofing. This method is virtually indestructible even in adverse weather conditions. It will not melt shrink or crack.

All our EPDM rubber roofing installations areguaranteed by the supplier for 50 years.


Glass Fibre Roofing Systems (GRP Roofing System) have become one of our most requested new roofing systems by our clients. This new green technology commonly known as glassfibre is totally waterproof and can even be used as a roof garden. A single ply GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) laminate is formed on site to give a continuous, highly durable weatherproof layer that will exclude water and maintain its great appearance for the life of the building. It is very durable and longlasting (guaranteed for 25 years). They can be tiled or used as a platform for balconies, walkways or green roofs. GRP roofing is fire retardent and UV resistant. All our GRP roofing installations are guaranteed by the supplier for 25 years.


Skylights can bring an amazing element to your roof space. We are happy to install them on a new construction or introduce them to an old one. There are many quality suppliers of skylights but nine times out of ten we will always go with Valux as they are the industry leaders and have been for many years. All skylight installations come with a 10 year gurantee.


Poly Carbonate Roofing has come a long way in the last ten years. With such high quality products available in the market place it's easy for us to supply a poly carbonate that will meet your specific needs, whether it be heat installation or solar reflection or just a cost effective option to a car port.


DeWolf Construction carry out a range of chimney services from repointing, rebedding pots to take downs and rebuilds. We are also happy to quote you on internal chimney breasts that need to be removed.


We are happy to provide roof surveys whether you may be buying a new property or trying to insure an existing one.